Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: What’s The Difference?

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning are two terms that seem to be used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. On the other hand, machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence where computers can learn from data without being explicitly programmed.
The Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning debate has been going on for years now.

1) Artificial intelligence

– can understand its environment
-uses techniques like logic or heuristic programming
-requires humans to design them

2) Machine learning

-depends solely on the data it’s given;
-uses statistical analysis
-does not need any input at all (it learns by itself)

Artificial Intelligence has been around for over 50 years, while machine learning first became popular in 2012 with Google’s release of its “Panda” update. Today Artificial-intelligence applications are widely utilized by many companies including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla Motors, and IBM.

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