An Art Wash Basin Is Striking

An Art Wash Basin is ideal for homeowners looking for a unique and beautifully designed sink. These colorful and exquisite basins sit above the counter and have attractive detailing and styling. Basins are available in a selection of sizes to fit various tastes and are well-crafted and will highlight of any bathroom or kitchen. Some of the shapes offered include round, square, waterfall, rectangle, oval and triangle. Fluted designs are also available. The available colors are bright, bold, illustrious such black, nickel, sage red, white, fuchsia, orange, purple, gold and red. Some sinks are multi-colored and have intricate floral, sunset and butterfly designs. If more styling is desired, homeowners can opt for sinks that feature various sized glass tiles or hand-painted figures and animals. Typically, the sink materials are porcelain, marble, stainless steel and ceramic. Art basins are striking and sophisticated and will enhance any space.

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