ACPDP – Certified ACA Consultants

The National Association of Certification Dealers (NACDA) has taken steps to ensure that the accredited counselors in their network have completed the program and have been thoroughly certified by the American College of Clinical Psychology. The ACPDP is an accrediting body that sets standards for the program. They require that the counselors complete all of the courses needed before they can become accredited. They also require that these counselors maintain a functional level of membership with the NACDA. If a counselor does not meet these criteria, then they are unable to get accredited.


To become a member of the ACPDP, you must take a two-year program that can be completed in a classroom environment or online. Both of these options have their benefits and disadvantages. For those interested in becoming Certified ACA Consultants, getting a bachelor’s degree will get them started on the road to the field. However, if they are looking to open a practice and take on more clients than they can handle regularly, it may be best to start with a master’s degree or a doctorate program. There is an option to take a full-time internship in psychology at one of the many community colleges that offer counseling programs. This will provide the counselor with hands-on experience and gain a lot of knowledge in the field. With so many different options available today, it will be easy to find the best online counseling program perfect for your specific needs.

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