About Sports Sequin Appliques

Sports sequin appliques are sewn or glued onto a base material such as mesh, satin, or cotton thread – to give it a high-quality finish that is both durable and looks great. Sports sequins can be stitched on all types of fabrics, but you need to stitch the sequins on the inside for knitted and stretch fabrics and sew them onto thick fabrics so that they don’t rip under stress. Sports sequins of low quality are made with a heat-resistant adhesive, but high-quality sequins have an iron-on lining of heat-sensitive glue that melts when pressed to the fabric using a household iron. When you are applying sports sequin appliques, it’s important to choose an appropriate piece of material with a similar surface structure so you won’t see the difference in textures. If the base material does not match in terms of color and/or texture, it will be especially visible in strong light, and so you should avoid applying sequins to such places.

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