A Guide To NDIS Housing

The NDIS is a new and very promising scheme that has been designed to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible. NDIS Housing provides funding for NDIS participants in the form of NDIS accommodation bonds, which are available in three different forms: Shared Accommodation Bonds, Flexible Accommodation Bonds, and Individual Accommodation Bonds. The NDIS also provides an NDIA-managed tenancy service called My Place, which offers NDIS participants access to short-term or long-term accommodations.

How does it work?

It is a needs-based support program that provides participants with the necessary funds to rent or buy their own homes. This housing helps people plan and purchase homes and build and maintain community connections and social networks.

The NDIA’s My Place service allows participants to choose from hundreds of supported accommodation options, including group homes, shared flats, independent living units (which can accommodate both tenants who require assistance in daily life activities as well as those requiring less assistance), transitional accommodations for young adults aging out of foster care or other government systems at age 18 years old or older, residential aged care facilities/retirement villages where NDIS will be purchased on behalf of participant by a family member.

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