A Checklist For Board Room Equipment

Having the board room fully stocked with the required tools will ensure meetings run smoothly and on schedule. Below is a list of some important board room equipment.

Chairs and Table

People attending the meetings will require chairs to sit on and tables for placing writing pads and other items. Therefore, considering how the tables and chairs will function to provide comfortability is a wise consideration.

Projector and Viewpoint

PowerPoint presentations are common in board room meetings. Showcasing the presentation requires having a high standard projector and an appropriate viewpoint. Quality technology goes a long way in aiding you to make a proper presentation.

Audio and Video Calling Tools

In some cases, not all members can be able to attend meetings physically. As such, ensure the room has equipment that makes it necessary for video and audio conferencing.


Most company policies and operations are discussed in board room meetings. It is imperative to have members focus on meetings by having them comfortable and with the right tools.

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