3 Ways To Spot A Leader

Looking to promote from within your company? Here are 3 ways to spot a surefire leader…

They take criticism well.

Leaders get nervous too – BUT they are ok with being uncomfortable to grow. Criticism isn’t fun for anyone, haywire, leaders will take it with grace and make changes when needed.

They don’t take all the credit.

Someone who needs all the credit is not a team player and leaders have to know how to delegate tasks. Someone who gives credit to others proves that they know how to give out tasks and not take it all on themselves. A team cannot run on just one person trying to do it all and claim it all.

They like to be challenged.

Leaders like to see what they can do outside of their comfort zone. Workers who seem excited about challenging projects are always employees to watch. They just might have what it takes to be your next amazing leader.

If you aren’t seeing any of these traits in anyone right now – leadership development training can help you polish diamonds in the rough. Sometimes you have to peel back layers to find the best candidate but it is well worth the investment to hire from within. They make the most loyal employees!

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