3 Ways To Make Home Feel Like Vacation

Stuck inside? Here are 3 ways to make home feel as special as summer vacay…

Invest in lush bedding.

The first thing we want to do when we go inside our hotel room is jump on the bed. No? Just us? Second thing… we want to see how soft it is under the covers. Hotel bedding is always lush and extra layered. It is what makes the bed so inviting!

Drink out of your best mugs.

Don’t save your best China for special occasions. Use the good mug. Pull out the good glass. Have honey tea. Use the gold spoons you keep in the back cabinet. Now is the best time to use the things you want to use later.


We know that last one feels silly but it isn’t. Even on your off days from work you are probably still running errands. Give yourself permission to take days where you do nothing. You deserve that. Rest.

A vacation doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can live in a vacation if you decide to make home feel like the place you’d save up to spend a week at.

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