3 Ways To Keep Your Ponds Clean!

Ponds can be a great addition to your backyard, but they often pose problems in terms of pond water treatment. If you want to keep your pond looking clear and healthy, read on for a pond water treatment you can rely on.

pH Adjusters

A pond water treatment that works wonders is to adjust the pH of your pond. If you have fish, they are used to living in a specific range of acidity levels and will be very unhappy if it changes suddenly. To keep them happy, make sure you maintain the right level by often using pond pH adjustment products.

Bacteria Biopellets

Another effective pond water treatment option for keeping ponds clean is bacteria biopellets or biomedia, which naturally work with an aerator to remove ammonia from pond water. By adding these pellets directly into your pond’s filter system, they act as a mini-ecosystems where beneficial microbes break down harmful pollutants before breaking up again into smaller parts.

Water Clarifiers

Water clarifiers are pond water treatment chemicals that work quickly to clear up pond water by causing all particles in the pond, including algae and bacteria, to clump together. The resulting mass sinks to the bottom of your pond, where it can easily be removed without hurting any aquatic life along with other debris such as leaves or twigs.

To conclude, pond water treatment is a great way to keep pond water clean and healthy for pond life.

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