3 Tips For Squirrel Bait Success

Squirrels are a nuisance in many areas of the country. They can cause damage to your property, eat your plants and trees, squirrel away nuts for winter storage, and carry diseases that can infect humans. One way to control squirrel populations is by using squirrel bait. This article will discuss three ways to make squirrel bait more effective for controlling squirrel populations on your property.

1) Selecting The Right Bait

The squirrel bait you select from a store or online can impact how effective it is for controlling squirrel populations. One of the best options to use as squirrel bait comes in a block form and has other ingredients added so that when squirrels eat it, they die quickly. However, there are also other good baits available at stores, such as squirrel feed.

2) Choosing the Right Method

Another vital aspect of squirrel bait success is how you use it. For example, suppose squirrels are feeding on your fruit trees or other plants in the garden. In that case, you can put some squirrel feed at the base of one tree and then set out several more squirrel traps near that area to catch all the squirrels. It may take a few days to catch squirrels, depending on how many are eating your plants.

3) Using Baiting Techniques

Using squirrel bait is a very effective way to catch squirrels. You can use several techniques, such as putting squirrel feed at the base of trees where they tend to congregate or placing traps around your garden so that squirrels have no other option but to go inside. You may want to try out different baits and methods until you find what works best for squirrel control.

Squirrel bait is an excellent option for squirrel control. There are several different methods you can try, and there are many squirrel baits to use as well. To know about the options available, contact your local store.

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