3 Things You Should Know About Getting HIV Test In Australia

What are HIV tests? HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is an infection that affects your immune system, which may eventually lead to AIDS. HIV is transmitted when infected bodily fluids enter the body of someone who isn’t infected or when a pregnant woman passes HIV on to her unborn child. This article will focus on three main topics relating to HIV Test Australia:

1) What are HIV Tests?

HIV tests are medically used to detect the human immunodeficiency virus in your body. There are different types of HIV tests in Australia, each with its own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you want to be tested, how long it’s been since exposure or infection, and if HIV has developed into AIDS.

2) Types of HIV Tests

There are a few HIV testing options in Australia. The most common is an HIV blood test, which looks for the HIV antibodies directly from your blood sample. This HIV antibody test takes about 12 weeks to become positive after exposure or infection and only detects HIV if it has developed into AIDS. In some cases, this can be too late as you may already be HIV positive.

3) Getting Tested

Getting HIV tested in Australia is easy. There are many HIV testing clinics available throughout the major cities and towns. Through online resources, you can ask your local GP to recommend one or find HIV test locations near you.

If an HIV blood test can detect HIV, but not if HIV has developed into AIDS, an HIV RNA PCR Test may be more accurate. This HIV rapid testing method detects the HIV directly from your saliva or other bodily fluids. It determines how much it is in the bloodstream – which shows you have been recently infected with HIV.

It is important to take HIV tests. HIV testing can be easy and not harmful to your health. Suppose you are HIV positive or not sure about your status. In that case, it is important to regularly get tested for HIV after the first time of taking an HIV test. Also, make regular doctor visits and tell them about your worries.

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