3 Reasons To Implement Dynamic Application Security Testing

Hackers and cybercriminals are getting more and more dynamic in their tactics. They now know that you can’t just defend against a traditional attack anymore. DAST is the new dynamic tactic you need to implement into your cybersecurity strategy to stay safe from these threats. This article will discuss 3 reasons why dynamic application security testing should be part of your plan for protecting your business!

1) DAST Can Help You Find Security Vulnerabilities Before They’re Exploited: Most organizations only find out about a severe vulnerability after it’s too late and they’ve been attacked by hackers or cybercriminals. With this, exposures can be found before they are exploited.

2) DAST Provides a More Complete Security Assessment: Application security testing that is dynamic tests the application at runtime and can provide more complete information about what vulnerabilities might exist. Active applications are constantly changing, so static analysis breaks down when it comes to this, making dynamic tools security testing extremely valuable.

3) DAST Provides More Timely Detection: Hackers are constantly changing their methods to try and get around security tools. With this, hackers can be detected sooner because dynamic tests run at runtime. This allows for quick detection of new exploits that may not have been known previously or any zero-day attacks that may come out in the future.

Dynamic application security testing provides more timely detection of exploits and better insight into the behavior of apps.

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