3 Hawaii Attractions You Should Visit!

If you are traveling to Hawaii, here are the top 3 Hawaii attractions you should visit!

1. Diamond Head State Park (Oahu). The name ‘Diamond Head’ originates from when explorer James Cook saw the formation’s resemblance to a sugarloaf. Once you see it, the resemblance is clear. The hike up this gorgeous mountain offers spectacular views of Oahu and Honolulu that will knock your socks off!

2. Polynesian Cultural Center (Oahu). This 58-acre complex is a living museum that provides an authentic cultural experience. In this center, you can explore the stories of the South Pacific, Asia, and Hawaii’s native people through traditional village tours and stage presentations.

3. Waimea Valley (Oahu). At this nature preserve, one can experience the beauty of tropical rainforest through lush gardens, artificial waterfalls, and an extensive collection of rare plants. The cultural history here is equally rich; the Hawaiian goddess of water, Poli’ahu, is said to have been born here!

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