3 Facts About Bowel Cancer Treatment

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. It often occurs in older adults, but bowel cancer can occur at any age. Many different bowel cancer treatment options are available to help patients fight this disease, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This article provides three facts about bowel cancer treatment that you should know!

It Often Requires Chemo or Radiation Therapy

The first bowel cancer treatment fact is that bowel cancer can require either chemo or radiation therapy to be effective. These treatments are used because they target fast-growing cells within the tumor’s DNA that may not respond well to surgery alone. Chemotherapy kills all rapidly dividing cells, while radiation therapy targets specific areas with bowel cancer signs.

It is Often Treated With Surgery

The second bowel cancer treatment fact is that bowel cancer may be treated with surgery alone, but it’s often not enough to treat the disease. If a tumor cannot be removed through surgery, then chemo and/or radiation therapy will also need to be used. This means bowel cancer treatment will be more complicated and expensive.

Biological Treatments

The third bowel cancer treatment fact is that biological treatments like immunotherapy and tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) may be used. These therapies help the body’s own cells fight off the tumor by activating the immune system or restoring a receptor on blood platelets, which can support new cell growth within tumors.

To conclude, bowel cancer treatment can be a complicated process that includes surgeries, chemo, and radiation therapy. In addition to these treatments, biological therapies may also need to be used in bowel cancer treatment before curing the disease.

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