3 Commonly Asked Questions About Ndis Physio

NDIS physio is a type of physiotherapy that specializes in working with patients who have NDIS. This article will cover three commonly asked questions about NDIS physio and how it works.

1) What is NDIS?

The first thing you should know about NDIS is that it’s not an injury or condition itself but rather an abbreviation. NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, an Australian federal government program that ensures medical equipment, home modifications, and other assistive technologies are accessible to the NDIS community.

2) What are the benefits of NDIS physio?

NDIS physio is a type of physiotherapy that focuses on helping NDIS patients who have difficulty accessing medical equipment. Patients can be referred to NDIS physio by their NDIS consultant or GP and receive up to 20 sessions from the therapist. NDIS physio is an excellent option for those looking to receive treatment by physiotherapists but aren’t sure if they will qualify under the Medicare system. The NDIS program allows patients suffering from chronic pain conditions like arthritis, back injuries, headaches/migraines, or sports-related injuries to receive customized treatments that best suit their specific condition.

3) Is NDIS physiotherapy covered by insurance?

NDIS physiotherapy is not covered by insurance. The NDIS program allows patients to directly pay for their treatments so that the therapists can continue offering high-quality care without worrying about meeting budget requirements set out by insurance companies.

In summary, NDIS physio is an excellent option for those wanting customized treatment from a therapist that best suits their individual needs.

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